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Wellness At The Little Yoga House

We have a wide range of wellness courses and services for you to take advantage of. Take a look below and get in touch if you have any questions at all.

HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method

Tara has been offering HypnoBirthing in Belfast for 4 years. working with many couples offering a little bit of calm in their pregnancy, birth and lives. This is a Comprehensive Birth Education Programme for both Mother and Birth Partner(s) that will properly prepare you both for Birth physically, mentally and emotionally.

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Birth Doula

Tara is a Nurturing Birth Doula providing unconditional, emotional and practical support for mothers and their Birth Partner(s). Doula's Mother the Mothers, helping them move past fear, looking forward to birth with positive expectations and encouraging them to be the key decision makers in their birth.

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Birthing Awareness – 3 Step Rewind Method

Tara works with many couples helping them with the emotions of a difficult perinatal experience. Did you know that Birth Trauma is one of the leading causes of perinatal mental illness? It doesn't matter how this looks like for you. If it still affects you now, it's never too late to try and lift the overwhelming and emotional symptoms that can remain after a difficult experience.

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Massage with Samantha

Samantha of Luxurious EXperience provides a professional massage service which is located in the heart of Belfast, we offer treatments to relax the mind and body...... We welcome all ages from children to senior citizens, as everyone needs a b​it of TLC. If you are seeking some pain relief or just want some relaxation, A Luxurious EXperience is for you

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Reflexology with Tara

Tara offers Reflexology which is a Holistic Therapy that applies pressure to the Feet sending energy through the zones to corresponding organs and parts of the body to alleviate stress and tension and bring the person into balance.

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Baby Feeding Support with Carol

Carol is an International Certified Lactation Consultant located in Northern Ireland providing quality breastfeeding support, breastfeeding classes, parental workshops and professional education.

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We also have a wide range of Massage & Wellness Therapies and as the studio continues to grow we love to welcome new team members, adding new classes and services to our timetable. To make sure you are kept up to date, join the email newsletter: