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Reflexology Services At The Little Yoga House

Tara offers weekly Reflexology appointments in ‘The Snug Room’ based in the studio.

There are a wide range of Reflexology Services for Women of ALL  Life Stages including: General Women’s Wellness Reflexology, Fertility Reflexology, Menopause Reflexology, Pregnancy Reflexology, Hot Stone Reflexology, Facial Reflexology & Cupping and even Children’s Reflexology.

Using Advanced Techniques all Reflexology Treatments are tailored to suit you, take a look below and get in touch if you have any questions at all.

Women’s Wellness Reflexology

Tara offers Reflexology for Women of all Life stages to include General Women's wellness, fertility and menopause.

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Nurtured Goddess

The ultimate 90 minute relaxation session.
Combining Reflexology on the Feet & Face. Suitable for ALL Women with techniques adapted to your needs.

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Pregnancy Reflexology

Pregnancy Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment to help you prepare your body and mind for your upcoming labour and birth. Depending on your stage of pregnancy Tara will use different techniques suitable for your stage of Pregnancy.

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Hot Stone Reflexology

Hot stone reflexology is like a full body cuddle and perfect in these colder months. Using warm stones, heated to the perfect temperature will allow the reflex pathways to fully open-up bringing about a deeper sense of relaxation. Suitable for ALL Women with techniques adapted to your needs.

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Children’s Reflexology

Like most adults, children enjoy reflexology and react positively to the many benefits it can bring. Carried out whilst a soothing kids meditation is playing in the background allowing a little calm space and time just for them.

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Facial Reflexology & Cupping

Due to the close proximity of the face to the brain, facial reflexology can feel deeply relaxing and results are almost instance.  It has all the benefits of foot reflexology and much more. 
Within this treatment I also use Ziggie Bergman's facial cupping techniques which promote a radiant and glowing complexion creating a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being. 

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We have a 2 Wellness Rooms at The Little Yoga House. The Cosy & The Snug where we offer a wide range of Massage, Reflexology & Wellness Therapies .

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